21 February 2012

Walk Through the Woods

We wanted to go out to Mount Vernon yesterday it was free for President's Day) and I guess everyone in the DC metro area got the same idea because we sat in traffic for 30 minutes to go the last mile to the parking lot, and then all of the parking lots were full. So, we decided just to go home. When we left we saw a little park about a mile away from the estate, and pulled in, thinking we would just let Casper run around there for a little while. A bunch of people were parking there and walking to Mount Vernon, though, and we thought we would do that, too. We didn't have a stroller with us (Casper doesn't really use them normally), so he rode on Chriss' shoulders and walked some. Anyway, we made it about half a mile and then Casper started getting whiny, so we called it a day. We did have a nice walk, though. And Casper looked so adorable.

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On our walk there was little beautiful view down onto the Potomac River. I edited the shot in several ways, which one do you like best?

Edited with CoffeeShop Lomo Action

Edited with MCP Mini Fusion Action
Edited with CoffeeShop Irish Breakfast Tea Action. I think this is my favorite.

Edited with Coffeeshop Orton Action