15 February 2012

Hidden Pond Nature Center - Review

Fairfax County has the most amazing parks and nature centers. When my parents were out visiting us from New Mexico for Christmas, we wanted to check out some of the nearby nature centers and we headed out to Hidden Pond Nature Center.

The first thing you'll see when you enter the lobby is a touch table full of antlers, animal skulls, and turtle shells.

There is a magnifying glass so the kids can examine these things up close. Of course, Casper was much more interested in the magnifying glass than in the specimens.

There is an aquarium filled with fish local to our area.

After the lobby, you can head into the building. I stopped taking pictures at this point because it was just too interesting. There is a giant snapping turtle, tons of snakes and fish, and lizards. There are snake skins the kids can touch and an activity table with coloring pages. There is a volunteer that can answer any questions you have about the local wildlife, too.

This main area of the building looks over the pond and a walking path surrounded by lots of trees. We spotted a beautiful cardinal from the center, and he was still hanging out when we finally headed out the back to check out the pond.

My parents and Casper enjoying Hidden Pond

We really enjoyed our visit to Hidden Pond, and will head back out in the spring, I'm sure!

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