03 February 2009

Anti-Anti-Bacterial Soap

Chris and I very rarely use anti-bacterial products because of the possibility that such products contribute to increasing numbers of resistant strains of bacteria. Studies have also shown that soap and water does just as good of a job of cleaning and germ-killing as the anti-bacterial product and doesn’t produce those resistant strains of bacteria. The FDA conducted a study in 2005 that confirms those facts. Even scarier are recent studies that show that the chemicals triclosan and triclocarbon present in anti-bacterial soap, toothpastes, and other products have the potential to cause cancer and affect the nervous and reproductive systems. The researchers found that not everyone may be sensitive to the chemicals, but that during pregnancy, early childhood, and adolescence one is much more sensitive to the negative effects they may cause. Of course additional research should be done, but for my family, the risks of problems caused by the use of these products with no more benefits than those that come from the use of soap and water is not worth it.