31 December 2011

My Favorite Things of 2011

While I am getting ready to ring in 2012 with my house full of boys, I just wanted to share some of my favorite finds of 2011.

Nicole Drying Drops

This little bottle has allowed me to FINALLY do my nails again! I used to find a few minutes to paint my nails and then one of the boys would need me and my polish would get all smeared and gross. These drops go right over your top coat (apply 60 seconds or so after your final coat, be that nail polish or top coat) and they will get your nails dry and the polish hard enough to prevent chips and nicks in a couple of minutes. Awesome. It is applied with a tiny eye dropper, just a drop or two per nail and that's it. No brushing, wiping, or anything else time consuming. Plus it contains almond oil and vitamin e for your cuticles. I don't know if it would leave a shine because I use it over a top coat. but I doubt it.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I love this, too. It provides great shine and makes my polish last longer without chipping or peeling. I can usually go 7-10 days before I have to do my nails again when I use this.

Tazo Awake Tea

I really enjoy Tazo teas, but I first found this one while I was in the hospital after Owen was born. I had it with every one of my meals. It's a breakfast tea made from a blend of black teas. Very yummy.

Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps

So good. I don't particularly care for ginger snaps, in general, but when my parents were here for Christmas, my dad had to go to Trader Joe's and get this. And they are amazing. Especially with coffee. They have three types of ginger (ground, fresh, and crystallized) and have a semi-chewy texture but are still very crispy. So delicious.

AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Chris gave this lens to me as a birthday gift this year. It takes such great pictures and has really helped me with my composition (it is not a zoom lens so I have to move around to get the shot I want).

Owen Floyd Vaden Bing
I think the picture says it all.

30 December 2011

My 2012 Resolution

My resolution this year is to be more aware of what I am doing with our money and to be more frugal. This is especially important as my paid maternity leave ends next week and I will be taking 2 months of unpaid leave. I especially want to be more conscious of what I am spending at the grocery store. Groceries are so expensive but I think I can save a lot of money there if I start sticking to a meal plan and not impulse buying on the snacks and other yummy things that we probably shouldn't have in the house anyway.

What's your resolution?