30 August 2011

Latest Projects

Chris has been working on some projects around the house while Erik is here to help him. They tackled the master bedroom closet a couple of weeks ago. We forgot to take before pictures, but basically, it was painted off-white, was drab and scuffed up everywhere, has old board shelves, and poles that were bending in the middle from 30+ years of clothes hanging on them.

The guys painted the space the same white we have painted the trim elsewhere in the house and will paint our trim in the master bedroom next weekend. Then they installed a Martha Stewart closet system in espresso color from Home Depot.

This past weekend, they painted the master bedroom. It was an awful blue color, I don't even know how to describe it. The trim was a very yellow off-white/cream. The master bathroom is a kind of lavender-blue, and we decided not to tackle that because of the hassle of removing cabinets, etc, so we needed to choose a paint color for the room that would coordinate with the bath and the hallway. It took us a while to choose a color, and Chris isn't too thrilled with it, but I like it. It's Behr Smoked Umber. Chris painted the trim white like the closet.

He is still working on the doors, though. You can see here exactly how yellow the old trim and door color was.

Another project he is working on is updating all of the brass/gold door hardware downstairs. We decided to go with the Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and he did a test run last night. They look great, feel great, and was easy to do.

You can see the granite we installed earlier this summer in the kitchen in the picture above, too. I love it, it has lots of variation, spots of sparkly crystal, and nice chocolaty tones.

We have a few more things planned before the baby comes. I want to get the master bedroom decorated and buy new bedding, Chris is planning on painting the deck and finishing the door hardware next weekend. I also want to buy some artwork for the guest bedroom (one of my favorite rooms in the house). Hopefully, the baby will stay put and let us finish these projects, plus finish getting his things ready!