16 October 2008

Old Pictures

Granny and Grandpa Page sent us a bunch of old pictures of the Page family. What do you think?

15 October 2008

North Shore

We went to North Shore on Sunday to take advantage of the great weather and low tourism rates. We started in Kaneohe and drove up to Kahuku where we tried to get shrimp at Giovannis. But right when we pulled up and got out of our car, a tour bus pulled up and about 30 people got in line right in front of us. So, we decided to head over to Romy's, which isn't as good, but does the trick. Then we drove to Turtle Bay, where we took some pics from the beach. It was really nice, hadn't been to the beach there before. Then off to Aoki's for shave ice with vanilla ice cream. Yum! We drove home from there. It was a nice day.

Koko Crater

We went hiking with the Salguero's a few weeks ago inside Koko Crater. It's a 2 mile hike, over flat land, through a wannabe botanical garden. There was a plumeria section with a few plumeria trees, some palm trees, and a cactus section. It was fun.

11 October 2008

What We've Been Up To

Well, we haven't been doing anything VERY exciting, but we've done some things, and taken some pictures.

I got to go on a Blackhawk ride from Camp Smith to Ford Island, Wheeler Air Field, and then back to Camp Smith last month. It was really fun. Here's a picture I took from the helicopter of Ford Island. You can see the bridge to the island, the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri.

Here's a pic of the air traffic control tower on Ford Island that I took a while back.

And, finally, here is a pic of the Pacific Ocean taken from a scenic lookout by Koko Crater.