03 June 2012

22/52: Playtime

All we did last week was play! The boys had the best time at White Sands, though, I think. They just slid down the hills, buried each other, and had a great time. It was Chris's first time at White Sands, he's been coming with me to New Mexico since 2004 and I have never taken him there before. He was pretty impressed, I think!

Chris went first...

Then Casper...

Then Owen (he wasnt too excited)...

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21/52: Favorites

Wow, I really let myself get behind on my Project 52 the last couple of weeks! I am attempting to catch up. The theme was "Favorites" and one of my favorite anaimals are goats. Love them. We were lucky enough to see some little goats during our visit to New Mexico last week, they were so cute!