25 March 2013

I Played Diaper Roulette. And Lost

I have gone nearly 4 years (4!) sticking my finger down the back of a diaper to see if it needed changed without getting poop on my hand.  It's not like I am tying to see if there is poop there by feeling it,  I am just hooking my finer around the back edge and pulling out to take a peak and see what's up. I admit it, that is a risky behavior. You would never catch Chris checking a diaper by shoving his finger down the back of it, but I like to live dangerously, I guess. But, look. my kids have always been very obvious when they pooped, which was usually once a day, usually pretty early in the day. And it is so stinky, I always knew when there was a poop. So I didn't feel like I was taking to much of a chance with this behavior.

So, nearly 4 years. I was on a lucky streak that seemed like it would last forever!

It all ended one night last week.

Owen was sitting in his booster seat finishing up dinner. I figured it was time to change him, and wanted to see how wet he was since he hasn't been having a lot of wet diapers lately. It didn't even cross my mind that he might be poopy, since he was sitting in his chair and never poops like that.

So I shoved my finger down the back of his diaper. And froze. It was squishy and clumpy and oh so smelly. I pulled my finger out, covered in poo halfway down. And I started crying. I didn't even know where to go with this thing. Thank heavens Chris was home so he could take care of Owen while I went through the shock of unexpected poo on my hand.

I am not stranger to poo (I spray it off of my diapers every day, and anyone who has done that intimate act is up close and familiar with their kid's poop) but this unexpected poopiness on my hand just killed me.

So, I played diaper roulette. And lost. And I am still playing. Hey, the odds have to be back in my favor again now, right?