30 June 2009

Just Some Things

I was going through all of our pictures and just wanted to post some extra cute ones of Catie and Joey, plus a video of Kiki at the end.

29 June 2009

G Diapers

We bought a new kind of cloth diaper over the weekend, called G Diapers. When used as intended they are a combination of a cloth diaper and a disposable. They have a cloth cover that holds a waterproof snap-in lining in which you place a flushable insert, making part of it disposable. You can also throw away the insert, since it is biodegradable within 150 days as opposed to the 500 years that it takes a traditional disposable diaper to biodegrade. G Diapers also have a cloth insert you can use that just gets washed like normal cloth diaper inserts. We have used the flushable insert (but haven't tried flushing it yet since our plumbing is tree infested and the company cautions against flushing the inserts in problem plumbing), have used Nicki's Diapers microfiber inserts that I have for my other cloth diapers, and have also folded up a cheapy prefold diaper and used that. The flushable insert works the best since it is cut for that particular diaper leaving no mess on wither the cover or the liner, the microfiber isnert also works very well with no leaks but does get poo on the liner, and the prefold got soaked through very quickly getting lots of pee and poo on the liner but still didn't leak.

I really like that they don't leak, and Cas is very skinny and lots of diapers have leaked on us (although it is happening less as he gets chubbier). They are also much trimmer than other cloth diapers and fit underneath his onesies without looking weird.

It looks big on him inthe pictures but in person they actually look and fit quite trim and tidy. We'll keep using these, as they are Chris's favorite cloth diaper so far, and I will use them in conjunction with the rest of my cloth diapers.

First Beach Trip

Yesterday was Casper's first visist to the beach. We took him to Lanikai, where he sat covered up by the umbrella the entire time, mostly sleeping (he ate a little, too). We all had fun, but I think it was too exciting for Casper, he was extra fussy that afternoon. Oh, and Chris saw two black tip reef sharks when he was snorkling! Don't worry, they aren't agressive and he was with a friend. Too bad he didn't have a waterproof camera with him!

26 June 2009

June 25, 2009

Today was Casper's due date. He is getting so big, it's hard to believe that just 8 weeks ago (today) he was born.

22 June 2009

Cas and Chris Watching the US Open

Oh no! Tiger missed a shot!

16 June 2009


This was Casper's 3rd bath (I think).

Gaining Weight

We went to get a check-up yesterday with Cas's doctor. She is one of the doctors who worked in the NICU, so she has been following him since he was born, and it is nice seeing someone who has been there since day 1. It was just to check for his weight and height. He now weighs 6 lb 14 oz and is 19.75 inches long!! We also talked about immunizations, and she agreed to the alternative immunization schedule that we want to do, so we are thrilled with that.

Everything else is going good. Chris is back at work, so Cas and I just spend our days with him eating and sleeping and I try to clean when I can mnuster up the energy to do so. Cas is starting to sleep better during the night- still getting up every 2 or 3 hours to eat, but now he falls right back asleep and that is a huge improvement from the first couple of weeks we had him home. During the day he is staying awake longer between naps and it is really wonderful to see those beautiful blue eyes looking around him and taking it in. The dogs love him, they always want to sniff him and lick his head.

08 June 2009

06 June 2009

New Pictures

This is for my mom and Devon...

04 June 2009

03 June 2009

Thirsties Pocket AIO v2 Review

I have been so excited to use the cloth diapers on Cas, but even our littlest ones are still a little too big for him. But we pulled out our blue Thirsties Pocket All-In-One a couple of days ago to try it out. It worked awesome! Below is a picture:

For those of you who don't know, a pocket All-In-One is a diaper that has "built-in absorbency and waterproof outer shell. Includes a pocket opening to stuff a doubler or insert when you need extra absorbency. Inner layer of stay-dry microfleece keeps baby feeling dry and leg gussets are an excellent protection from blowouts" (from the Thirsties website

The diaper itself was VERY easy to use, even easier than the disposables, in my opinion- but I am really bad at putting the disposables on, for some reason. He had some major poops and a lot of pee while wearing the Thirsties diaper, and, even though it was slightly too large, we didn't have any leaking or mess. It was slightly bulky, but I think that is more related to it being too big, for example, the crotch went down to his knees, and I don't think they normally do that. The fabric and craftmanship of the diaper was great quality, and it will definitely last a long time. I appreciate the double gussets, as well, I think they will keep everything where it's supposed to be better than if it only had one gusset.

The only thing I don't like is that because the inner absorbant layer (the stuffer) is sewn into the pocket instead of being removable, it took a long time to completely dry. But because of the ease in using this one-step system, I can deal with the longer drying time.

Here is a picture of little Casper in his Thirsties Pocket AIO v2: