29 June 2009

G Diapers

We bought a new kind of cloth diaper over the weekend, called G Diapers. When used as intended they are a combination of a cloth diaper and a disposable. They have a cloth cover that holds a waterproof snap-in lining in which you place a flushable insert, making part of it disposable. You can also throw away the insert, since it is biodegradable within 150 days as opposed to the 500 years that it takes a traditional disposable diaper to biodegrade. G Diapers also have a cloth insert you can use that just gets washed like normal cloth diaper inserts. We have used the flushable insert (but haven't tried flushing it yet since our plumbing is tree infested and the company cautions against flushing the inserts in problem plumbing), have used Nicki's Diapers microfiber inserts that I have for my other cloth diapers, and have also folded up a cheapy prefold diaper and used that. The flushable insert works the best since it is cut for that particular diaper leaving no mess on wither the cover or the liner, the microfiber isnert also works very well with no leaks but does get poo on the liner, and the prefold got soaked through very quickly getting lots of pee and poo on the liner but still didn't leak.

I really like that they don't leak, and Cas is very skinny and lots of diapers have leaked on us (although it is happening less as he gets chubbier). They are also much trimmer than other cloth diapers and fit underneath his onesies without looking weird.

It looks big on him inthe pictures but in person they actually look and fit quite trim and tidy. We'll keep using these, as they are Chris's favorite cloth diaper so far, and I will use them in conjunction with the rest of my cloth diapers.