03 June 2009

Thirsties Pocket AIO v2 Review

I have been so excited to use the cloth diapers on Cas, but even our littlest ones are still a little too big for him. But we pulled out our blue Thirsties Pocket All-In-One a couple of days ago to try it out. It worked awesome! Below is a picture:

For those of you who don't know, a pocket All-In-One is a diaper that has "built-in absorbency and waterproof outer shell. Includes a pocket opening to stuff a doubler or insert when you need extra absorbency. Inner layer of stay-dry microfleece keeps baby feeling dry and leg gussets are an excellent protection from blowouts" (from the Thirsties website

The diaper itself was VERY easy to use, even easier than the disposables, in my opinion- but I am really bad at putting the disposables on, for some reason. He had some major poops and a lot of pee while wearing the Thirsties diaper, and, even though it was slightly too large, we didn't have any leaking or mess. It was slightly bulky, but I think that is more related to it being too big, for example, the crotch went down to his knees, and I don't think they normally do that. The fabric and craftmanship of the diaper was great quality, and it will definitely last a long time. I appreciate the double gussets, as well, I think they will keep everything where it's supposed to be better than if it only had one gusset.

The only thing I don't like is that because the inner absorbant layer (the stuffer) is sewn into the pocket instead of being removable, it took a long time to completely dry. But because of the ease in using this one-step system, I can deal with the longer drying time.

Here is a picture of little Casper in his Thirsties Pocket AIO v2: