07 March 2012

A Story of Pee and Crayons

Last night Casper and I were peacefully coloring in his giant Cars Toon coloring book.

Chris and Owen were wrestling on the sofa (well, Owen was trying to shove Chris's hand in his mouth) and Chris and I were talking about something (it was incredibly important, I'm sure).

A minute or two later, I realize that Casper is no longer coloring with me and I hear him being VERY QUIET in the kitchen, the kind of quiet that means someone is doing something dangerous or made a huge mess.

I walk into the kitchen and see a giant puddle of pee inches away from the Lightening McQueen potty, Kiki trying to lick up the pee as fast as she could, and Casper eating a yellow crayon as fast as he could.

The only thing I could do is laugh.

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