14 March 2012

Back to the Work

So, Monday was my first day back to work in nearly a year. I haven't worked since I was put on bed rest in late May last year, and I've been on maternity leave since October. Wow, that's nearly a year.

Today was the first time I have had a chance to update the blog this week (or since sometime last week, actually). I hope I have time to keep up with this blog and my photography, but it's going to be hard with two little kids and a full-time job, and a DC commute. 

Anyway, I came home on Monday completely overwhelmed and on edge. Being away from the boys all day, especially since I usually nurse Owen several times during the day, was killer. Dealing with all of the boring administrative things that come with starting a new job was less than exciting. And dealing with the DC traffic, while it could have been worse (no major traffic delays), still wasn't fun. So I was pretty tired when I got home. I think I am going to enjoy my new job, but I have LOVED being home with the boys and am going to miss it a lot, naturally.    

On Sunday, we went out for a little drive and then met some friends for lunch. It was a blast!

The Washington Monument from across the river

George Washington Masonic Temple in Old Town from across the river

Capital Building and Smithsonian