16 June 2009

Gaining Weight

We went to get a check-up yesterday with Cas's doctor. She is one of the doctors who worked in the NICU, so she has been following him since he was born, and it is nice seeing someone who has been there since day 1. It was just to check for his weight and height. He now weighs 6 lb 14 oz and is 19.75 inches long!! We also talked about immunizations, and she agreed to the alternative immunization schedule that we want to do, so we are thrilled with that.

Everything else is going good. Chris is back at work, so Cas and I just spend our days with him eating and sleeping and I try to clean when I can mnuster up the energy to do so. Cas is starting to sleep better during the night- still getting up every 2 or 3 hours to eat, but now he falls right back asleep and that is a huge improvement from the first couple of weeks we had him home. During the day he is staying awake longer between naps and it is really wonderful to see those beautiful blue eyes looking around him and taking it in. The dogs love him, they always want to sniff him and lick his head.