13 February 2012

Photo Feedback Week 1

I am so excited to participate in the Photo Feedback blog hop hosted by Kim at Mom Tried It. You know that I am passionate about photography and am always trying to improve my skills. And to do that, I need honest feedback and critique. This is kind of scary to put my work out there and ask for that kind of feedback, but I really do want it.  

Kim pointed out on her blog that, while the kind comments are great and really boost your confidence, they don't help you hone your skill or develop your eye. Today is the first week of the blog hop, so if you want to participate head on over to Mom Tried It to find out more.  

I would love to get some honest feedback on the "after" picture below. I included the original photo so if anyone has any feedback on a different crop or post-processing idea that would be great.

Mom Tried It