17 February 2012

7/52: True Love

These are my mother's maternal grandparents, John and Mary Lou Bagwell. They lived on a farm in Melrose, New Mexico. He had cows, horses and some crops on the farm and she was a banker (one of the very few female bankers at that time, I would imagine). They were married around 1931 or so.  

These are my mother's paternal grandparents, Jim and Maude Ragsdale. She is holding an old picture of a guy who'd been out fishing so long he turned into a skeleton. It used to hang on a wall in their house (according to my Uncle David). There was a great conversation about this picture when Uncle David posted it on Facebook, it was great to hear some things about them that I didn't know before. This picture was taken at their home in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. They were married in the late 1920's.   

  These are my mother's parents. I don't have a wedding picture of them or even a picture of them when they were first married (don't worry, I am going to track some down). I always have such a great time with them. This picture was taken at my dad's parents house in Alamogordo, New Mexico in November 2009 (it was during our first trip back home after Casper was born, he was 6 months old).

These are my father's maternal grandparents, Ralph and Hattie Vaden. This photo was taken in Fort Klamath, Oregon in the late 1940's. They were married in the early 1930's, I think.

 These are my father's paternal grandparents, Floyd and Octie Page. On the back of this picture is written: 1933, Bellflower, CA, just before they married. He was in the Navy, and was from El Paso, Texas. She was from St. Louis and was in California as a nanny when she met Grandpa Floyd. They eventually moved to Hurley, New Mexico and I have such great memories of holidays, birthdays, and just time spent at their house there.  

These are my dad's parents, Ray and Anita. I love their wedding picture, they look so glamorous! Their brothers set them up on a blind date and it was a disaster (I'll have to find out the rest of this story sometime). They met again a year later for about an hour and his mother told him to marry her. They corresponded for a long time (maybe a year) and then he came back to school in Oregon and stayed several days with her family at Bonanza. They were married in 1958 in Merrill, Oregon.

 These are my parents, Charlotte and Billy. Can you tell when they got married? It was 1979. They met on a blind date set up by their mothers. I guess blind dates are pretty successful in this family! They look so young and cute!

This is me and my true love. We got married in Hawaii (we were living there at the time) in 2008 after 7 years of dating. We met when we were both stationed in Hawaii (he was in the Marine Corps, I was in the Navy). And a shout-out to our wedding photographer, Barbara Gibson of Terra Photography- she rocks.   

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