01 September 2011

Latest Perinatologist Appointment Results

We went to the Fairfax Hospital Antenatal Testing Center yesterday for our biweekly appointment. They tested my cervical length, amniotic fluid levels, and placenta previa. And everything was good! My cervix is long and closed, plenty of fluid, and the placenta is finally making some progress in moving further from the cervix.

I also spoke to the doctor about the risks of having a baby via scheduled c-section at 37 weeks or if we should wait to 39 or 40 weeks. She was kind of confused about why we were doing that. Apparently, my OB's office never informed the ATC that I had a uterine dehissance (I'm sure that is spelled wrong) following my last c-section. We talked about that and the doctor said that with that history it's important to have the baby at 37 or 38 weeks to prevent rupture by the baby getting too big. And there shouldn't be any risk to the baby, only .4% of babies haven't had the final push of hormones to mature their lungs by 37 weeks. So, that is our plan. At our next appointment in 2 weeks, the ultrasound tech will be looking at the scar on my uterus and just checking it out to make sure it's doing good and isn't too weak with this big baby I am carrying around. That will be interesting, it's never been looked at.

Sorry if this is too rambling and medical. Just giving an update and some of my thoughts on these medical issues we are having with this pregnancy.