15 September 2011

We're Having a Chunky Monkey

I want to say first that my post yesterday was kind of whiny, and I'm sorry. Obviously it is our choice to not live closer to family (this is where the work is, but still), and I can't expect people to drop everything to come help us. I guess emotional support and interest in what is going on with us would be nice though.

Anyway, we went back to the perinatologist today. Placenta is not moving but since the c-section is already scheduled that shouldn't be a problem unless I go into premature labor or my water breaks. Cervix is looking good. The technician also looked at the "window" around the incision on my uterus form the last surgery and said it looks strong and thick. I have lots of fluid, too.

The best news though is that the little guy is weighing in at 4 lb 13 oz, well ahead of what the average is right now. He looks so chunky with these big cheeks. The technician said she could also see hair in the ultrasound.

We go back in 2 weeks, like usual.