08 September 2011

Freezer Cooking for Baby

I have been making a few dishes to freeze for after the baby arrives, and had completely filled up my regular freezer last weekend. So yesterday I bought a chest freezer for the garage to keep those things in and I am so excited to fill it up! It's a purchase we have been wanting to make for a long time, and with 3 adults in the house, plus a toddler (not that he eats much), the fridge and freezer are so packed all the time. Add in the fact that we'll have to start making baby food and freezing it in another 6 or 7 months, and our current freezer situation just wasn't cutting it.

So far in the freezer I have:

a lasagna
cornbread muffins
2 batches of chili
a batch of spaghetti sauce
a bag of taco meat
a pan of macaroni and cheese.
pumpkin muffins

I am planning on adding breakfast burritos, too.

Does anyone have any recipes for things they particularly like to freeze?