12 September 2011

We Made Our Major Pregnancy Goal!!!!!

We made it past 32 weeks with nothing unexpected or scary happening!

I'm sure all of my readers (so, my mom and sister, basically) know that Casper was born prematurely at 32 weeks after my water broke at 31 weeks. I wasn't being monitored for any complications, although I did ask the doctor's to measure my cervix at 17 weeks because I had had a LEEP right before I got pregnant where they had to remove a significant amount of my cervix. The doctors at the OB clinic of Tripler thought I was being ridiculous and, although they did do it, didn't feel it was necesary and never checked it again. So, basically we don't know why I had a PROM (premature rupture of membranes). You can read all about this and the complications we had following his birth in his birth story (May 2009 archives).

OK, back on topic. I have been on bed rest since 17 weeks, seeing the perinatologist every 2 weeks since then, and have been on 17-alpha hydroxy progesterone injections since 15 weeks. I have had a short cervix, placenta previa, and the risk of another PROM and premature labor the entire pregnancy. Our major goal was to make it to 32 weeks. Now we only have 5 more weeks until our scheduled c-section. Wow!