13 September 2011

Visit to the Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants

I went to the Northern Virginia Lactation Consultants in Fairfax today for a quick visit. I needed to buy replacement tubing for my Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump and couldn't find it online. Well, actually I found some on Amazon but I there was no definitive way to tell if it was actually made by Medela or not since it was being sold by a company in Asia and didn't have Medela packaging. I felt more comfortable getting what I know to be a good product made by Medela.

I walked in right when they opened, and both of the ladies working today (I didn't catch their names) were absolutely so welcoming and informative! I talked to them about my pumping and breastfeeding history with Casper, and they were so excited when I told them he was still nursing at night. That was great because so often I feel like people think it is weird that he is a nursing toddler. The support they gave me for that in the few minutes we talked was wonderful.

Besides selling breast pump and accessories, they have some nursing and maternity clothes, nursing wraps, and Moby wraps. I bought the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra which has amazing reviews online.  They also offer one-on-one consulting, prenatal breastfeeding classes, and breastfeeding support groups.

Oh, and they emailed my itemized receipt right to me, which I thought is such a great way to reduce paper use, as well as make sure you have a copy for tax season since some of the pumping products are tax deductible, I believe.

I was so impressed with the help I got, the knowledge of the staff, and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Their website is and you can call 703-425-2229.