11 January 2012

Wordful Wednesday: BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thing Casper did this morning when he got up was to start pushing everything that had wheels off of his play bench. While saying BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as loud as he could. Before I even had a sip of coffee.

In other Casper news, he asked to wear big boy undies last night (and went 2 hours without an accident) and is wearing them again this morning. We are using the bribe method of potty-training, and told him if he did go until bed time last night in bog boy undies with no accident he could have a toy today. He kept saying he wanted Max from the Cars movie who is red like McQueen. We could not figure out who he meant, but it finally dawned on me that he is talking about Mack, Lightening McQueen's semi-truck! Ha! As soon as Ilhana comes down to watch Owen, Casper and I are going to go get Mack. 

Have a great day, everyone, I have to go get Casper back on the potty! Wish us luck!