08 January 2012

Back to the Farm

We had an absolutely beautiful day here in Northern Virginia yesterday. It started to get a little overcast but didn't rain and was in the high 60's (in January!) so we went out to Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon. Casper just loves going there and so do we.

We petted a horse

We visited the pigs
Pretty chickens

Awesome goats

Going out to the farm makes me want to move to the countryside and buy some goats

Baby cows

Climbing every fence in sight

The gorgeous peacock

A turkey (we didn't explain that this is what we eat on Thanksgiving- probably too early for that)

The sheep- they were hilarious. They saw us and ran right up to their tough baa-ing as loud as they could. They really wanted fed.

More fence climbing

Cool picture of old farm equipment


How Owen spent the trip

Playing at the playground before we headed home