06 July 2011

Good News

Had a doctor's appointment with the perinatalogist yesterday, I was sooooooo nervous. I wasn't feeling too well over the weekend, and was scared I was going to get admitted to the hospital. So Devon helped me pack all of my things up that I would want for a 3 or 4 month hospital stay, we loaded down the car and Chris met us at the hospital. We had our ultrasound, the little guy sounds good and had the hiccups! He was very wiggly, too. My placenta is finally moving, but is still previa. The doctor said she thinks it will take another 4-6 weeks to be completely clear of the cervix. But since I haven't had any bleeding, though, the doctor isn't too concerned with the previa. This week (22 weeks) is pretty much the deadline for getting a cerclage to prevent the cervix from shortening even further but we can't do it because of the previa. That's ok for right now though because my cervix has lengthened to longer than it was before they started monitoring me at 12 weeks! Yay! That is great news, the bed rest seems to be working. Between that and the 17-alpha hydroxy-progesertone shots maybe we can keep this guy cooking until 37 weeks!