30 June 2011

Getting Ready for the Possibility of Bed Rest

I have my next appointment with the perinatologists next Tuesday. At my last appointment (two weeks ago), I was told that I need to come to my appointments prepared for the possibility that I will be admitted to the hospital for bed rest and won't be going home until we have our new baby. So, I am trying to make a list of what I need to pack that will make a multiple month hospital stay easier and more comfortable. I want to have my bag packed to take with us on Tuesday just in case. I am trying to get things organized here at the house (which is hard from a horizontal position in bed, but Devon is so helpful with that) so Chris can deal with things a bit easier. When we get home from the appointment (I am trying to keep VERY positive), we will have another two weeks at home, barring any emergencies, and will make the very best of it, since it will be my birthday on the 9th.