13 June 2011

It's Been a Long Time

It has been a VERY long time since I wrote in this blog. Lots has happened that just made this less of a priority, like moving from Hawaii to Northern Virginia, finding new jobs, buying a house, finding a good nanny for Casper (she's a sweetie), dealing with a pretty horrible winter, Casper turning two, finding out we are pregnant with our second baby (it's a boy!!!), and getting put on bed rest last week. But, now that I am on bed rest, I have all sorts of time on my hands, and will be able to write so much here that people are probably going to get soooooo sick of hearing from me!
So, in April 2010, we decided we needed to move to the mainland to be closer to family. A mere 4 weeks later, we were packed up and at the Honolulu International Airport to start our adventure. Our household goods and my car were on their way to Baltimore, and we were on our way to New Mexico to celebrate Casper's 1st birthday with my family. A few days later we were in Maryland and then off to Ohio for a few days to see everyone there.
Finally, over the course of the summer, we found jobs in DC and bought a house in Virginia. Fast forward to March, and we found out we were expecting a baby! Casper's 2nd birthday was in April, and I was out on bed rest last week, May 7. We are due November 6, but will have the baby by scheduled c-section in mid-October, at around 37 weeks, because of complications following Casper's birth. That is a very long time from now and I really hope we make it that far.
That's what has been going on here for the past year. Now I am going to eat some lunch and rest in bed a little.