15 July 2011

I am probably going to jinx it, but here it goes...

Casper has slept through the night for over a week now! I can't believe it, we have been so sleep deprived for so long.

Earlier this year, we moved him from our bed to a mattress on the floor of our bedroom. That worked ok, but I ended up spending almost every night on the floor with him. I think it was because my first inclination when he makes a peep was to check on him and help him go back to sleep. Then, after my parents visited in May, we moved Casper into his room, into a twin size bed that is pretty low. For a couple of weeks, I would still jump up when I heard a sound on the monitor and run into his room several times a night, practically ensuring that I wouldn't get any sleep. When I was put on bed rest, I knew that I just couldn't run around all night and that I especially needed my rest, so I tried to ignore the sounds on the monitor unless I thought he was truly awake and needed something. I guess that's what did it, I was probably keeping him awake more than he was actually waking up when I would rush to his bed and check on him all night long.

Anyway, he wakes up at 6:30 am, gets a 1 hour nap around noon, and goes to sleep at 8 pm. He gets to take a Hot Wheel of his choice and a bouncy ball to bed (I take them away after he falls asleep so he doesn't roll on one and wake up).

It is working really well for us and I feel so rested! It's especially great to have a couple of months of true rest before the baby comes. Another reason it is awesome to have Casper in his own room is that our room is just OUR ROOM again and it is so comfortable and calming not having a baby/toddler here. I absolutely loved co-sleeping and still take the opportunity to take a nap with him when I can, but it is so nice to have nighttime to ourselves again.