22 July 2011

Making our house prettier

We (well, Chris) finished painting the kitchen this week. We were trying to decide between painting or installing a backsplash, but when we got the granite countertops we got the 4 inch granite backsplash thingy so we just went with paint and no tile backsplash. It looks nice. If we had better light in the ktichen I would take apicture but every picture I take looks awful so you'll just have to come over and see it. Next for the kitchen I want to get new kitchen table chairs (white ones from Ikea) since right now we have two folding chairs (they are wooden with fabric seats but still) and 2 dining room table chairs that are too big for the kitchen table.

We hung some artwork around the main sloor this week, too.

This one is in between the two windows in the front room: It's a close up of a fern leaf:

This is an enlargement of a picture I took of Casper's crayon bin on his easel. We'll put it in his play area.

Also one of my pictures. Just a closeup of his toys, again for the play area.

Some abstracty seashell pictures in the family room. I want to bring some turquoise, teal, and green into the room for color and these pictures have some of that.

A giant wave picture that was taken in Waimea on North Shore, Oahu. I didn't take this one :)