11 July 2013

Superhero Obsession

As the mother of two little boys, I spend a good part of the time talking about superheros, playing superheros, watching superheros on tv, applying superhero tattoos, putting superheros into the toybox, coloring in superhero coloring books, reading superhero stories, playing with superhero-themed legos, doing superhero laundry, dressing up like superheros...You could say the Bing ohana is obsessed with superheros.  Casper's 4th birthday party was even superhero themed.

Casper's 4th Birthday Party

Growing up I watched some superhero shows. I loved She-Ra, she was kind of a superhero right? We even named our goats He-Man and She-Ra (how awesome is that, and how awesome would it be to have some more goats???). I really liked that series Lois and Clark. And I even remember watching the original Batman series from the 60s when I was visiting my grandma. We recently introduced Casper to that series and he wasn't too interested, and looking back I can see why. The particular episode we put on had a scene where there was a guy holding on to a rope from a helicopter and a very badly portrayed shark jumped out of the ocean and bit him, holding on to his leg. Even my 4 year old thought it was a little goofy.

Anyway, Casper loves superheros. Iron Man is his favorite right now, he really enjoys The Revengers (that's what he calls The Avengers, too cute). I would venture to say even Transformers is a type of superhero genre, one that is particularly interesting with the interaction between intelligent alien machines and humans (I actually love Transformers, myself)

The superhero movies that have been coming out lately? Just awesome. The latest Batman series are just so dark and demented. The Avengers series (to include the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America movies) are just badass. X-Men are so fascinating. The Spiderman series does a really good job, too (although not my favorite). And I haven't seen it yet but am really looking forward to the new Superman Movie, Man of Steel. Even the animated superhero movies have been good- The Incredibles, Lego Batman The Movie, Megamind.

I honestly never thought my life would become so consumed by superheros and the little guys in my house that are obsessed with them. And I think it's a good thing. At this age Casper is still too young to grasp the many complexities within these movies, and right now it's just an entertaining show with a bunch of guys doing cool things. But I think as he grows up and starts to understand more, he can learn from the morality, the faith, the hope that these superheros deal with and will learn from that.

Are your kids obsessed with superheros? What do you think about that?

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