31 January 2013

Thank God Ethan's Been Rescued

Thank God little Ethan is safe and in his family's arms once again. I have been watching the news like a hawk over the last several week to catch any updates on that horrible story and sending prayers for Ethan and his family several times a day. I wrote the below post last week but ended up not posting it. I am beyond happy Ethan was rescued and I hope he will be ok after this incredibly traumatic experience.

That is my nightmare as a mother. That my children get taken, abducted, hurt, or killed by some evil person. I seriously check windows and doors multiple times a night (and during the day, too) to make sure that no one is going to walk into my house and get my boys. I don't think I'm alone in this fear, many of my girlfriends have said they have the same obsessive worry. I don't let this impede in living our lives and having experiences and fun but it is something I think about regularly.

My original post:

Disclaimer: This is coming from my heart and I do not want to start some sort of discussion on gun rights or control, or any other politically fraught issue.

My heart is breaking with all the recent school shootings, child abductions, and other instances where young children are no longer safe either going to school, being at school, or coming home from school. Horrific things are happening. I am in tears about the little boy in Alabama abducted off of his school bus. What is wrong with people, and how can this happen????

I want to do anything I can to protect my children. I want to keep them at home and constantly by my side. I want to homeschool. I just want to protect them. I know I can’t just keep them locked up at home where no bad guys can get to them for the rest of their lives but I am scared to send them to school, to let them ride a school bus, to take them to Target or the park.

I don’t care what you think the solution is, I’m not here to talk about arming myself or whatever. I guess I just needed to get this out. I am praying for that family in Alabama today, and praying for the families of those killed in Newtown and anywhere else there is a school shooting or a abduction or a hostage situation.  And praying to figure out how I can give my children a good safe life while still living and being a part of the world.