18 October 2011

Today is the Big Day!

We are heading off to the hospital in about 45 minutes to have the Little Guy!

Casper and I got up at 5am this morning (I just couldn't sleep and he was hungry) so we have been spending some time together playing cars. He is excited to be a big brother- he calls the baby "my boy" - so cute!

So we made it to full-term, well, 37 weeks anyway. Although I am pretty sure we are closer to 38 since the Little Guy is measuring consistently at 38 weeks or larger. It is a little strange having a scheduled c-section and knowing that on a specific date we are going to have a little baby. So different from last time. But very exciting and hopefully we will have a very boring and routine delivery and both come home happy and healthy on Friday.

We'll post and email pictures as soon as we can this afternoon.