06 October 2011

12 More Days

Wow. In less than 2 weeks from right now, Chris and I will have a new adorable little guy in our arms.

We had a slight scare over the weekend, a little spotting and cramping, but the doctor said not to worry and just take it easy. It all stopped pretty quickly and we still have no baby so we're fine, but I have to admit that I was ready to go to the hospital and get to meet the little guy already! We have a regular OB appointment on Friday, no more appointments with the specialists. When we left the Antenatal Testing Center last Friday FOR THE LAST TIME, it was such a good feeling! Like we had graduated and were moving on to something so good.
At our last ultrasound (last Friday), the technician said that it looked like the little guy has a whole head of hair. She also said it is likely to be dark since people with light or red hair are usually born bald. We have been wondering the entire pregnancy if his hair would be red like Casper's but I guess it probably won't be.
My back is killing me and I have baby feet shoved into my ribs right now. Ouch! I don't even know how most women go full term, I don';t think I could deal with 5 more weeks of this discomfort.

Casper talked with his cousins Catie and Joey on Skype the other night, and he loved it! He keeps asking to call them and runs over to the computer to see if they are logged in. It is so cute.

And now for some pictures...