04 August 2009

Just Another Day...

Little Fluffy Bum

Casper weighs around 11.5 lbs!! I can't believe it, just 3 weeks ago he was under 9 lbs, he is getting big. Plus, my mom siad that I was only 18 lbs at a year old, so at this rate he'll be huge at his first birthday!! I guess he realized that being too impatient to wait for 40 weeks means that he will need to grow really fast to catch up.

Chris made a surf shack sign for Casper's room inspired by some surf signs we saw in Haliewa one day. It looks awesome.

My mom made bedding for Casper's crib. As soon as I iron the bedskirt, I will make the bed and take a picture. It is so great looking, thanks, Mom!!