01 August 2009

Daycare Search Continues

I found out recently that we are somewhere around the 150 mark on the wait list for on-base daycare. And when I asked how long it would take to get the the top of the list, the lady said, "You are NEVER going to get in."


So, now we are searching for a daycare provider for Cas. We would definitely prefer a relative to move out here and stay with us to take care of sweet bebe while we are at work, but everyone has lives of their own! Gasp! No, of course we understand that we can't expect anyone to just pick up and move out to an island in the middle of no where just to babysit for us in our tiny little place. I heard about this organization that will subsidize our daycare costs since we are on a on-base wait list and have to search for civilian daycare, so that helps a little since it will cost at least twice as much now. First, however, I have to find a provider who is licensed and she'll have to fill out a W9 to pay taxes on the money, then we both fill out the applications or subsidy based on the differences between military daycare and we're good to go. Now I just have to find someone.

I posted an ad on Craigslist yesterday to see what kind of responses I would get. I got about 10, and all of them were full of typos and misspellings, and bad grammar. Wow. If someone can't even manage to write a 3 sentence email without sounding like a moron, I am not leaving my child with them, especially since, while he is 3.5 months old, he isn't the size or have the interactiveness of a 3.5 month old baby. I have someone specific in mind who used to do in home daycare and I plan on asking her this weekend. And if she doesn't want to do it, I guess we will check out Kama'aina Kids, the commercial daycare here.

I don't have to go back to work until Sept 15, but I am on unpaid leave right now and I know they are super busy and could really use my help at work, so if we can find the right person to take care of Cas, that would be wonderful. And if anyone wants to come out here and take care of Casper, please please please let me know!