23 April 2012

The Joys of Babywearing

My top reasons for babywearing:

1. It's practical and convenient: I can cook dinner, do the dishes, wrangle Casper, go shopping, and any thing else I need to do with my hands that I wouldn't be able to do if I was using my hands to hold Owen. It's the only way I get any grocery shopping done when I have to take both boys. Casper goes in the cart (buckled in) and Owen gets worn.

2.  It beneficial to the baby: He feels safe and comfortable, babies that are worn (facing in, not out) are less likely to cry and are able to stay in an alert calm state that enables them to participate in your world.

3. It's a work-out for me: I'm doing everything I normally do but with an added 20+ lbs.

4. It's cute- You can get the BabyHawk and other carriers customized with your choice of fabric (tons of choices and options) and other carriers like the Ergo come in many beautiful colors and prints, too.

With Owen in the Ergo

I love using our Ergo and BabyHawk with my babies. It's so cozy, they are snuggled right into me, they feel safe and comfortable. And it is healthy for their bodies (when compared to the Bjorn or Snuggli type front-facing carriers). 

What do I mean by that? The front-facing carriers (the type that most people think of when they are about to have a baby and start thinking of buying a carrier) like Bjorn and Snuggli hang the baby by his hips, placing all of his weight onto his groin area. In addition, the baby's legs are spread completely apart, something that isn't natural to a newborn- instead they naturally put their legs into a "frogger" position which is how they are carried in the Ergo, BabyHawk, Moby, and other types of carriers.

And what about for the person wearing the baby? The Bjorn tends to be incredibly uncomfortable after a short amount of time because all of the weight is pulling on the shoulders. With the carriers below, and other similar ones, the weight is distributed completely across the back, making it much more comfortable for a longer time. Plus you can use these for the baby for 30+ lbs (in a back carry) whereas the Bjorn only goes up to 15 lbs or so.

I used a hand-me-down Bjorn when Casper was a newborn. I hated it. Couldn't wear it for very long, it hurt my back, left red marks on his legs. Just bad. I have also used a Babyhawk Mei Tai, an Ergo, and a ring sling. I would love to have a Moby as well (maybe for the next baby).
Owen in the Ergo

Casper in the BabyHawk MeiTai

Casper in the BabyHawk MeiTai

Casper in the BabyHawk MeiTai

Casper in the BabyHawk MeiTai